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Fortune 500 companies, as well as government and security agencies, turn to Data Destroyers for our media destruction services. Customers include the intelligence community, military, defense contractors, medical practices, hospitals, banks, accounting firms, law firms, technology companies, service companies, and a broad array of federal, state and local government agencies.

From the risk assessment to destruction to certification, Data Destroyers provides a complete chain of custody using bar-coding and GPS tracking so each client is certain their e-waste gets destroyed and recycled.

Wherever secure destruction of sensitive material is required, Data Destroyers uses a variety of methods that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer. These methods include shredding, crushing, degaussing, de-manufacturing and disintegration. Our team of trained data technicians is well versed in the assortment of destruction methods and the requirements of the laws governing destruction.

A typical computer, hard drive or SSD destruction process for a medium-sized company includes:

Risk Assessment

Data Destroyers E-Risk consultants work with your company to identify potential e-risks and develop a plan to mitigate them, comply with appropriate laws and regulations, and dispose and recycle the equipment using our patented destruction process.


Data Destroyers handles all the logistics of locating, tagging, packing and shipping all equipment marked for disposal. We locate all computers, monitors, and other electronic equipment that needs to be disposed of, no matter where it is located.


Upon request, Data Destroyers barcodes each piece of equipment with unique locator numbers, and records any relevant serial numbers.

Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicle

All equipment requiring destruction is moved into Data Destroyers’ Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicle for final destruction and sorting.


Each piece of media or equipment is destroyed using Data Destroyers’ NSA/CSS EPL state of the art destruction process and devices.

Depending on the media, equipment is reduced to fine grindings or dust that becomes secure e-waste.


There is no waste from Data Destroyers’ process. We guarantee 100% data destruction and responsible recycling for almost any electronic device.  Our recycling technicians sort shreddings into raw commodities, such as metal and plastics, which are then sent to be repurposed, recycled or reused into everyday items.


If requested, at the end of the process the client is provided with a destruction report including serial numbers and a detailed chain of custody. They also receive a Certificate of Destruction to be assured that their e-waste has been disposed and recycled in a manner that protects the company and the environment.

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