E-Risk Consulting

Data Destroyers has considerable experience working in high-security environments with both private and public sector customers for whom data security is of paramount importance.

More Than Just Destruction Services

We do more than destroy your electronic waste. We also help your company avoid the privacy and environmental risks that result from improper disposal of e-waste.

Our consultants can:

  • Identify potential liabilities
  • Create programs to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Educate and train your people in the field to make them more successful at supporting destruction & disposal services
  • Provide asset management and end of life management
  • Help develop systems to ensure tracking and auditing of e-waste disposal and the safeguarding of private information

Data Destroyers can audit your company for risks stemming from e-waste and help develop a plan to incorporate due diligence, chain of custody and 100% compliance to ensure risk avoidance in the future.

Risk Avoidance

Successful destruction projects require a data security approach which enables you to function efficiently, maintain security at appropriate levels and provide the flexibility to enable quick response in real time.

Data Destroyers brings its extensive knowledge of appropriate information security standards and protocols, the ability to apply these to any given situation and the skills to communicate a security strategy that can be understood and accommodated by all personnel within your organization.

The Data Destroyers E-Risk Consulting Services are available to you upon request. Please complete the form on this page or call us at the number listed at the top of this page to discuss your requirements.

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