Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?


Our parent company, Pacific Storage Company, has been around for over 150 years. Over that time period, we have evolved from a tannery business to logistics to the complete Records Information Management company we are today.

Data Destroyers has gotten to this point in time by establishing a trusted partnership with clients and providing the highest level of quality service — offering absolute physical and digital information protection, access, retention, storage, and disposal. We have only the most cutting-edge NSA/CSS EPL technology and meet all NIST mandates and guidelines. All that we do meets or exceeds data destruction industry standards.

As assets reach end-of-life and as data centers refresh or move, the risks of private data reaching an unwanted recipient are magnified. Safeguarding our customer’s data and documents is what we do.


Electronic devices are the fastest growing waste stream, representing unparalleled opportunities for hackers and data thieves. The slightest data breach is a risk no company or agency can afford. Demand for secure, compliant and absolute erasure and destruction of hard drives, solid state drives, and other computer equipment has grown exponentially — and Data Destroyers is here to help.

We consult with you and offer the best solutions for your data asset destruction. Data Destroyers assures complete security and compliance. Our Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicle (SMEDV) is brought to your facility or business where a complete chain of custody is ensured.


Data Destroyers owns highly specialized, proprietary technology that destroys digital assets — making your data destruction secure, compliant and absolute.

Our expertise is supported by superior technology, facilities, and security systems necessary for providing our clients with regulatory compliance, enhanced information security, and improved business processes.

Equipped with the most cutting-edge NSA evaluated, NIST compliant technology; our SMEDV is the most absolute, complete piece of mind settling equipment out there. We offer on-site data destruction services including hard drive degaussing and erasure, 2 mm destruction and tape shredding, complete site and data center decommissioning, and e-waste removal and recycling.


Data Destroyers partners with our customers to provide complete secure and compliant data destruction. The secure destruction industry is constantly changing, and it is critical that you receive the right solution that best supports your specific needs. You can rest assured we will exceed your expectations and give you peace of mind that your data risk has been eliminated.

Our team is comprised of experienced personnel in logistics and asset tracking, removal, destruction, e-waste and recycling. Our customers trust us, and our history speaks for itself. It started with the dream of two brothers during the California Gold Rush, and today we are one of the most successful data management companies of our kind.

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