Classified Secure Tape Destruction

Our tape destruction service is nationally renowned as we can shred tapes to a variety of sizes, from 10 mm to 40 mm. This shredding can take place on your site while you watch, or off-site and recorded to a DVD. Shredding size is critically important in protecting discarded media from even rudimentary forensics and recovery techniques.

The Ultimate in Tape Destruction

For the ultimate in security and protection, Data Destroyers’ NSA evaluated high-speed degausser erases magnetic hard drives in 1.5 seconds (compared to 40 seconds) before shredding and destroying them.

Our Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicle (SMEDV) is equipped with a degausser and a shredder capable of destroying all types of tapes and media, including the data they contain. We are able to visit your facility and perform certified tape destruction services.

All Tape Formats All the Time

LTO Backup tape for data recovery isolated on white background most use in Data center room.

Our tape destruction service includes the ability to destroy the following tape formats:

  • DLT
  • LTO
  • DDS
  • Cassettes
  • VHS
  • Travan
  • 3490 / 3480
  • 8 Track
  • Reel-to-reel

Compliance Confirmed

The regulations related to protecting your information or your customers’ information are rigorous. The fines and penalties for failing to implement a data protection program have also increased. Certified destruction of your classified tapes by a proven provider will help you avoid a costly mistake.

Whether you need to comply with NSA, DoD, GLB, HIPAA, SOX or various other regulations, we can help. We have consulted with a wide range of companies and government agencies to assure a clear understanding and compliance with various regulations. We will supply a detailed audit trail for your destroyed media in order to adhere to all chain of custody demands.

Our process is compliant with all mandated standards, including corporate destruction standards and government standards for destruction of all classified, information-bearing material to federal specific requirements including NSA/CSS Specification 13-09.

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